23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:49

Tax raid on traders at Zhadanovichy market


The tax service and the Ministry of Trade threatened market traders with administrative sanctions.

Charter97.org has learnt it from Anatoli Shumchanaka, the chairman of the republican organisation Perspective.

“Sole traders called me and said representatives of the ministry of trade, the state standartisation committee and the tax service from six Minsk's districts arrived at Zhdanovichy market in Minsk. Traders began to close their stalls. Most of them stopped working by 14:00 at Zhdanovichy and Liabiazhy markets. Inspectors checked those who were not so quick to close their stalls, gave instructions and recommendations. They turned attention to minor violations, for example, to the absence of retail rules, a list of goods, a badge, errors in offered discounts. Traders were given time until July 30 to rectify the violations. If they don't fix it, they will face administrative sanctions,” he said.

The Ministry of Taxes and Duties promised to carry out “control measures” instead of mass audits since July 1.