17 January 2018, Wednesday, 5:40

Lukashenka demands take cars away from those who litter


Belarusians will get their cars confiscated for polluting the nature.

Lukashenka announced a new suggestion today. He brought attention to the point that citizens, especially in private residential areas and in villages, must take active part in maintaining order. The ruler has tasked the local administrations to set up a respective practice with the population, BelTA reports.

The ruler requested that especially tough measures, up to the confiscation of the vehicles, be applied to those, who pollute the environment by dumping wastes into places not intended for these purposes.

The ruler demanded that closer attention be paid to the issues of maintaining order on the land, not only in cities and along main transport routes, but in most distant corners of Belarus. Lukashenka stated that today on a working trip to Minsk district, where he learnt about the course of the harvesting campaign.

The ruler emphasized that he sees the situation not only from a car window along the main highways, but also often goes to different regions, including most distant points. He gave an example of one of such recent trips to the border area of Mahilou and Viciebsk regions. “I went to a most distant place – they have most terrible treatment of farmland there. They think it is far away and no one will see it. This is irresponsible. This was on the land that Kasiniec is responsible for”, - he said.