22 January 2018, Monday, 3:00

Foster mother from Klimavichy arrested for complaints to Lukashenka’s administration


Policemen detained a former foster parent of the family-type children’s home Iryna Motsnaya and her son.

There are still 7 adopted children in the family-type orphanage, which is considered disbanded formally. According to Iryna Motsnaya, they do not want to leave, Radio Svaboda informs.

Acquaintances informed about the detention of Iryna Motsnaya. As said by them, Iryna and two her children have been staying at the police department for more than 4 hours. They say that policemen handcuffed one of her sons. The woman cannot be reached on the phone. Her friends say when the children in foster care saw policemen in the orphanage’s yard, they scattered.

Yesterday Iryna Motsnaya informed that an entire delegation of officials from the district executive committee visited her, and insisted on her following them to the local school for some conversation. She refused to go, referring to the fact she didn’t know what was to happen at school.

Representatives of the education department of Klimavichy district executive committee state that they do not know anything about detention of Iryna Motsnaya. They do not comment on the situation with the family-type children’s home, headed by Iryna Motsnaya, either. They say that an inspection is under way.

7 children lived in the family-type orphanage in Klimavichy. Their foster parent Iryna Motsnaya was suspended from work by a decision of the district executive committee. She believes that she was fired because she dared to file a complaint against local authorities to Lukashenka’s administration. As said by the woman, the local authorities ignored her requests to solve economic problems of the orphanage.

Photo by “Radio Svaboda”