20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:24

Riot police arrest Gomelpromstroi's top manager at work


The official was detained as he was receiving a bribe.

The Investigation Committee of the Homel region opened a criminal case against the director of Department of Special Works, a branch of Gomelpromstroi construction company, on materials of the economic crime department of the Homel police. He was charged with taking a bribe (part 1 of article 430 of the Criminal Code), charter97.org learnt from the Investigation Committee.

“As a result of successful investigative and search activities to reveal corruption-related crimes in the construction sector, officers of the economic crime department and the Homel riot police detained the director as he was receiving a $3,000 bribe. He received the money at work from a representative of a private firm for signing contracts for delivery of cables and electrical equipment and the implementation of obligations relating to guaranteed timely payment,” the Investigation Committee says.

The suspect was taken to a temporary detention facility. Pre-trial restrictions are being discussed.