17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:20

Aliaksandr Sasnou: People fought for Belarus’ independence for many years

It cannot be said that Belarusians got the independence by accident.

Today, on 27 July, it turns 24 years since the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Belarus. On the occasion of the event a round table discussion took place at the BPF party’s office, BelaPAN reports.

“There are no other threats to Belarusian independence apart from the Kremlin, the Russian Federation”, - the chairman of the BPF party Aliaksiej Janukievich stated at the meeting. Unfortunately, he pointed out, in 24 years after the adopted of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Belarus “the country’s independence is danger like it has never been since”.

“Of course, we spoke of threats to the independence in previous years too. But today the threat is critical. We can see that Belarus has become strongly dependent on Russia in term of economy, energy and military affairs. And in its foreign policy Belarus follows Russia on many issues”, - he said.

Janukievich reckons that the Belarusian society must do everything possible in order for the independence of the Belarusian state “to become irreversible”.

Why was Belarus one of the last USSR republic to declare independence?

“The reason was not in Belarus, but in those, who was making the decision, - responds in a commentary a former deputy of the Supreme Council of the BSSR of the 12th convocation Aliaksandr Sasnou. – While a significant number of people wanted independence from the beginning, then, probably, even a greater number made such a decision under the influence of the fact that of all the republics we were almost the only one remaining. One cannot say that independence just fell on Belarus as if out of nowhere, simply because many had been fighting for this independence for many years. As to those, who got it without even thinking, then most of them would give it up without thinking”.