20 January 2018, Saturday, 16:06

Polish Committee of Solidarity with Ukraine: It’s high time to punish Putin (Photo)


The world community should show solidarity in support of Ukraine.

During the anti-Russian march in Warsaw, a secretary of the civil committee of solidarity with Ukraine Andrzej Urbanik shared with charter97.org reporter his opinion about measures of the European Union against Putin’s regime.

- Dozens of concerned people gathered for this march. They share the anguish of Ukraine and feel with the families of the victims of Putin’s mercenaries, in particular, those who died during the ill-fated MH17 flight. How Putin should be punished for all his deeds in Ukraine?

- It is high time for that now. After the tragedy of the Malaysian aircraft, President Bronislaw Komorowski told in his speech that finally there is a hope that scales are to fall from the eyes of the European politicians. The minister of foreign affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier should finally stop thinking about Gazprom and gas, and let French president François Hollande choke on the thirty pieces of silver, earned by selling Mistrals. The European Union and the USA, our transatlantic allies, should have a united stand in support of Ukraine.

- No one seriously expects the world community to respond to the actions of Russian in Ukraine by military methods. However, the economic sanctions have not made Russia withdraw troops from Ukraine immediately. To your mind, how the situation may evolve?

- It is really hard to say. Part of Western politicians believes that the Russians have changed their position a little. I do not believe that. To my mind, it is a tactical ploy in playing into the hands of Putin. We should exert pressure all the time. I hope that not only presidential offices, but citizens of the EU and the US will support Ukrainians in their aspiration to have real independence.