16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:18

Detained in Russia Maidan participant gets deported to Homiel


Homiel anarchist Dzmitry Razanovich has been deported from Russia to Belarus.

From what his sister Tamara told BelaPAN, he arrived in Homeil on 25 July. “Police officers took him to Homiel region border, and then we picked him up”, - she said.

A 24-year-old Homiel resident Dzmitry Razanovich is a participant of the Maidan in Kyiv. In mid-March he was detained in the territory of the Russian Federation after having crossed the Ukraine-Russia border. Razanovich was travelling from Ukraine to his relatives in Kursk region with his brother’s passport. The Belarusian anarchist did not have any identification documents on him.

Russian border guards passed Razanovich to FSB officers. Referring to their own sources, human rights activists reported that the FSB department for Kursk region allegedly accused the Belarusian anarchist not only of illegal border crossing, but also the preparation of a terroristic act at the Kursk nuclear power plant.

Razanovich’s trial took place on 3 July in Belgorod. The court ruled to fine the Belarusian citizen for 15 thousand Russian roubles for violating the border crossing regulations and deport him to homeland.