19 January 2018, Friday, 8:55

Will Miasnikovich get fired for Dazhynki failure?


Two months left before the “agricultural feast”, but facilities have not been prepared.

On his Friday work-trip to Viciebsk region Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich expressed severe critique on the unsatisfactory preparation of facilities to holding the nation-wide fair-feast of agricultural workers Dazhynki-2014 in Haradok, Viciebsk region.

As he commented for journalists on what he saw at construction sites in Haradok, the Belarusian Prime Minister pointed out that it was impossible to get all the construction and renovation done in two months.

It is known that in case Dazhynki fails, Miasnikovich will have to answer personally to Lukashenka. But will the dictator fire the Prime Minister? The charter97.org web-site asked a former head of the National Bank Stanislau Bahdankievich to answer this question.

“In general, I think that Miasnikovich’s statements on the failure of Dazhynki preparations are of populist nature. Most likely he simply is putting on a show. I personally do not understand what kind of facilities may not be finished there. They usually paint the facades of the houses at the entrance to the city and exit out of it, repair the roads so there are no holes in them etc. That is why it is unclear, what they could not have done in this time”, - the expert pointed out.

At the same time the economist believes that the Prime Minister will hardly get punishment from the ruler, even if Dazhynki fails.

“It was already last year that Lukashenka said he would dismiss Miasnikovich, if plans get failed. Plans have been failed, while he is still in his place. Look, the production volumes have lost 1.3% in industry, 4.3% - in agriculture, the inflation rate will end up rising to 20% or even 25%. So there are already reasons to dismiss him without looking for new ones. But for what I understand, Lukashenka does not have a replacement to drudge the economy by this model. That is why I think that Miasnikovich may for the time being be left in the role of a “stable” Prime Minister”, - Stanislau Bahdankievich assumes.