17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:16

Russian soldier shows Grad launcher that shoot at Ukraine


New photos of rocket launcher systems at the border of Russia and Ukraine have been posted on social networks.

They have been published by a Russian soldier Mikhail Chugunov on his page on the VKontakte social network.

The soldier has showed the pictures of Grad launchers captioned “taking Grads to Ukraine”. He visited his page on 29 July, while the latest post was made on 14 July: “In the town of Millerovo… Rostov region”. The town of Millerovo is located in 200 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Apart from that the Russian Federation soldier shared with his subscribers with a photo of Grad launchers and an Il-76 plane, which “is intended for transporting cars and us, the drivers, to the border…”

In July Chugunov was awarded an out-of-turn military rank, UNIAN reports.

We would remind that Russian Federation’s servicemen have confessed that they are located at the border with Ukraine. Russia’s Armed Forces several times simulated an attack Ukraine’s state border. Ukraine repeatedly claimed that anti-terroristic operation’s camps were shelled from the territory of Russia.