21 January 2018, Sunday, 9:14

Crowd rush at shop opening in Brest (Video)


The crowd rushed to the shop smashing barriers.

People looked forward to the opening of a new store in Brest. Ruki Vverkh group was expected to sing and local officials were expected to attend the opening ceremony, which took place on the City Day. The advertising campaign seems to have been successful: hundreds of people gathered near the store at the appointed time, Interfax reports.

After a symbolic green ribbon was cut by a boy and a girl, who, at first sight, were randomly picked from the crowd, people rushed to the shop smashing the barriers. Eyewitnesses say no one even tried to take baskets because it was too many people.

Security workers didn't allow the whole crowd to enter the shop at once, otherwise people would damage shelves or the store would find some of the goods missing.

It's worth noting that gifts were offered to customers. Only some taste tests were organised. The most active and, perhaps, competent tasters were children and pensioners.