18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:40

Lukashenka’s ideologist Gigin looks for Western traces in Boeing crash

Vadzim Hihin (Vadim Gigin) does not think Russia is responsible for the plane crash in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

He writes that in his article “Familiar Pattern in Crime”, published at BelTA website.

“The awful catastrophe of the Malaysian plane which happened in Ukraine, horrified everyone. And it has caused a huge number of various comments, in fact, a new round of the information war between the West and Russia. It must be said, there is minimal information, but there is plenty of propaganda.

Before at least the preliminary results of the international investigation are announced, Western leaders at the highest level accused Russia with everything. We will not follow this example, which is not the best one,” Vadim Gigin noted.

After that he offers a number of examples from history, when such tragic events were used by the government of the US for its political purposes, as he believes. He ranks the MH17 plane crash together with them.

“It is possible that Malaysian Boeing crash was really a result of an awful, tragic mistake, an accident. It is possible… But still we all are witnessing who is trying to suck advantage out of it. And the fact that influential states, public leaders are capitalizing on this tragedy, in the literal meaning they are making policy on dead bodies, is far from being a coincidence, but father a signature style, a familiar pattern, which is too much recognizable. And the most deplorable thing is, it is impossible to rule out further provocations,” Gigin concluded.

We remind that as a result of the Malaysian airplane crash 298 persons, including 15 crew members, died. The US intelligence offered proofs that separatists operating in Eastern Ukraine, were involved in shooting down the Boeing.