18 January 2018, Thursday, 18:46

Ilya Dabratvor arrested for 14 days for white-red-white flag


The activist was detained in the court of Kasrychnitski (October) district today.

A message about that was posted by the leader of the youth organisation “Alternativa” Aleh Korban on his Facebook account.

“It has been reported about detention of a public activist, a member of “Razam” movement and public association “Alternativa” Illya Dabratvor. He was detained during a court trial over Andrei Bandarenka. He has already been convicted in accordance with the classical scenario of the Belarusian justice (using foul speech) for 14 days,” he writes.

Aleh Korban believes that the reason of the detention and arrest was a rally for placing a national white-red-white flag in Dzyarzhynsk on the eve of the Day of Independence Restoration.

Photo: “Radio Svaboda”