23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:22

Barys Pukhouski: “I see actual stability in Hungary, not in Belarus”


27-year old playmaker Barys Pukhouski remains one of the brightest Belarusian handball players for many years in a row.

For the Malaryta-born past season was first as a foreign player in Hungarian Csurgói KK. The sportsman answers Presball’s questions.

- Let us recollect the circumstances under which you went to play abroad.

- It all started in the times I had disagreements in my relations with Minsk Dynamo. On the part of Csurgói KK there already was interest in me. However, I did not seriously consider this offer at first. I wanted something of greater authority.

Although, my manager was trying to persuade me that at that stage Csurgói KK was close to the ideal option. The league is strong, playing practice guaranteed. He turned out to have been right. Yes, I found myself in not in a world-class team. But I played a lot and regularly throughout practically the whole season. Not a bit do I regret about the choice.

After having left Dynamo, at first I returned to SKA, reconsidered a lot of things, realized in what direction I should work in order to make progress. They were waiting for me in Hungary all this time. At first I faced a number of unavoidable problems there. But they received me well and helped in solving everyday issues – sport-related and beyond the playing ground alike. In general, they are adequate people, the circumstances are good. It remained to show myself from the best side. I think, in general I managed to do that.

That main thing is that I was not bored. A new championship, a different style of play, different playing principles and expression. I think, everyone should experience such a change, who wants to be considered a true renowned sportsman.

- What is Csurgói KK in terms of infrastructure and ambitions?

- Belarusian teams, with the exception of the BGK may be, would be envy. The club is based not in a town even, but in a village, which literally lives for handball. In terms of comfort in the playing hall, organization of games, management – everything is top level. This is not caused by the team’s entering international arena, but rather by the genuine love to the game. That is why things go well, there is yield. And there are growth prospects.

- Were you constantly on the starting squad?

- I do not like assessing myself, even more so praising. The main criterion is a side opinion, especially professional and supported with facts. Since you have asked, I will give you details. At Csurgói KK those get additional bonuses, who finishes the season among the team’s top-3. This rank is formed and publicly announced twice a year. The coaching team makes graphs that meticulously show player’s useful actions in defense and attack. So I was there among the top-3 both times.

- Is there anything to do in Csurgó in your spare time?

- Almost every weekend we drive around the neighborhood with wife and kid. Son plays in playing rooms, wife prefers going shopping. But in general the purpose of such tours is not purchases – the product range and quality of goods is good in Csurgó too. We look for entertainment in order to bring bright colors to our weekdays.

- Does your family like the Hungarian lifestyle?

- They try to adapt. All in all, they are happy with everything. It may be only that the language barrier is an obstacle – the Hungarian language is strange, difficult, unlike any other European language. But at the club they meet our half-way – they have provided us with an interpreter. In addition, many speak English. So in general we manage to make contact.

- I remember, several years ago Hungary faced a wave of unemployment, the people were protesting in the streets…

- There are local problems and outbursts of discontent everywhere. But not everywhere they turn into global shocks.

My opinion is that I work in a successful state. For example, let us take the inflation. Hungary is a European Union member. But it keeps its own currency. So while I was there the exchange rate of euro against forint grew by very little, may be three fillers. There is even no coin for that in Hungary. This speaks for itself, especially if we compare it to the Belarusian reality.

And what about the price-quality ratio in terms of food, clothes? Once, wife and mother-in-law were buying meat. They were surprised with its low price and flawless looks and taste.

By the way, the cuisine is another thing the Hungarians are proud of. There are traditional European dishes and specific national ones. The most important thing is that wherever you go – a posh restaurant or a small joint – you will be most welcome, fed a lot and on delicious stuff. And all that for a small price.

All in all, the country is interesting, hospitable and suits well for life. I love my motherland and only in Belarus I feel at home. But had I been asked to choose between Hungary and Belarus as an independent expert-cosmopolitan, I would have chosen Hungary.

There are no people without troubles. But stability is an essential condition for peace. Not the stability we see on TV, but real one. I see it in Hungary, but I do not at home. The fluctuations in economy, price growth.

So there was a hockey championship. Yes, it was all goo, people had fun. But foreigners left, and common Belarusians left shocked: yesterday they made some money, but today it is already worth nothing…