16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:41

Putin sent a telegram to Lukashenka


Right after Putin left Minsk, he sent a telegram to his ally.

The President of Russia has congratulated Lukashenka on the so-called independence day.

It is reported by the website of the Kremlin.

Putin has also expressed certitude that the two countries would be able to realize the idea of the Eurasian Economic Union creation successfully.

“The strong Russian-Belarusian ties serve as a foundation for cooperation aimed at integration in the CIS region, which is to move on a whole new level thanks to signing the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty. I am convinced that through our joint efforts we are to successfully implement this project of paramount importance,” the message reads.

As a matter of fact, the Independence Day of Belarus is celebrated on July 27, on the day when the Supreme Soviet of the country adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus. However, Lukashenka eliminated this holiday and moved it to July 3, the day of Minsk liberation from the Nazi invaders.

Photo by AP