23 January 2018, Tuesday, 19:21

Minsk dwellers to pay for water at cost recovery basis

Authorities believe that Minsk dwellers do not use tap water sparingly.

Despite imposing differentiated tariffs, Minsk dwellers do not economize tap water, “Minsky kurjer” writes. According to the chairman of Minsk city executive committee of natural resources and nature protection Alyaksandr Baravikou, the reason for wastefulness is simple: the reason is the policy of reduced tariffs. According to this policy, Minsk citizens can use 140 litres of water daily, and pay for it at the lowest cost. According to the present tariffs, dwellers are to pay Br 1,679 for 1 cubic metre of water. However, the self-cost of 1 cubic metre of water is Br 9,000.

- There is a considerable difference which is covered by cross-subsidisation, – the chief ecologist of the city said. – As for enterprises, they pay Br 20,000 for one cubic metre of water.

Alyaksandr Baravikou is convinced that one of these days Minsk dwellers are to pay self-cost for vital resources. In any case, the government discussed this problematic issue many times. According to officials, this disproportion should be liquidated.

- We must pay the real cost of water. Then I think not 180 litres per person would be spent daily, but average 130 litres as in Paris, – Baravikou stated.