18 January 2018, Thursday, 8:55

Stanislau Shushkievich: Putin’s slave Lukashenka cannot play constructive role in negotiations


First leader of independent Belarus believes that the negotiations in Minsk will be yet another farce.

First leader of independent Belarus, former chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislau Shushkievich comments for Radio Svaboda on the prospects of today’s three-party negotiations over the Ukrainian issue, which a scheduled to take place in Minsk.

“I do not think any progress will come out of these negotiations. The hypocrisy that Russia demonstrates, when they want to send “peacemakers” there, when occupants want to act as peacemakers, - this hypocrisy cannot be compared to anything. One should not hope that Putin’s slave Lukashenka would play any constructive part. Lukashenka was, is and will be under Putin, he will not dare to make even half-a-step without Putin’s permission.

Hence yet another farce will take place here. It is a shame that the naïve West hope for something here. This is absolutely ruled out, I am convinced of it”, - Stanislau Shushkievich claimed.