19 January 2018, Friday, 16:36

One of entrepreneurs’ leaders released until trial


Individual entrepreneur Mikalaj Charnavus, detained on 2 July in Baranavichy, has been released until the trial.

Charnavus is charged with organizing a non-authorized meeting on 1 July, Radio Svaboda reports.

On 1 July about 300 individual entrepreneurs, working in markets and trading centers in Baranavichy, stopped working as a sign of protest against coming into force the decree no. 222 by Lukashenka, which significantly complicates entrepreneurs’ operations.

The people gathered at the city’s central cooperative market and then went to the city executive committee in order to discuss with the officials the problems the decree brings. At the executive committee they were told that none of the high officials was present, however the entrepreneurs managed to get into the assembly hall. They had a meeting there, which resulted into the adoption of a resolution addressed to Lukashenka.

Charnavus was detained on 2 July after having paid a visit to the Baranavichy city executive committee and meeting a representative of the local newspaper. He was taken to the city’s police station, where a protocol of an administrative violation was composed for holding a non-authorized event on 1 July at the city market and the city executive committee building.

Composing the protocol took almost five hours. Charnavus, who is a 2nd degree handicapped person, felt ill and repeatedly asked for medical assistance, but his requests were ignored. After the protocol was composed, Charnavus was taken to a jail, where his blood pressure rapidly grew. The ambulance doctors took the entrepreneurs to the city hospital. He stayed there under the surveillance of two policemen.

On 3 July individual entrepreneurs of the Central city and Palessie markets in Baranavichy wrote a statement and collected 105 signatures for the release of Charnavus.

The appeal, addressed to the head of the city police department Viachaslau Hierasimovich, noted that Mikalaj Charnavus had not done any illegal activities, since individual entrepreneurs organized themselves on 1 July and held a meeting at the cooperative market and city executive committee.

For the stated reasons the requested to check the impartial character of Charnavus’ detention, take into consideration the 105 signatures of individual entrepreneurs, confirming the fact of self-organization on 1 July, and release Mikalaj Charnavus from custody.