17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:33

European Union got trapped (Video)

The European Union has got into an actual trap, in which it was not going to end up, a journalist Vitaly Portnikov believes.

He spoke of that and other things on the air of UKRLIFE.TV.

“The European Union has gotten into an actual trap, in which it was not going to end up. When the Eastern Partnership program emerged and Association Agreements came up, the European Union was coming from the assumption that its enlargement was, in principle, finished. Only the Balkan state could become new members of the Union.

To the European Union former Soviet states are countries, which have economic and historical ties to Russia. These are the countries that became European Union’s neighbors. The neighborhood pattern is comfortable – it implies political ties, reforms, mutual understanding and stable peace at the border”, - Portnikov said.

Portnikov pointed out that in the European Union they did not take into account the fact that the main task of the Russian diplomacy and policies was the elimination of these independent states. According to the journalist, since 1991 they have only been thinking in Moscow of the restoration of the Soviet Union and nothing else.

“First I heard words on the elimination of Ukrainian independence I heard in August 1991 from Russian politicians and from Boris Yeltsin in autumn same year.

As we came close to signing the Association Agreement, the Russian Federation realized that it was losing the opportunities to implement this project. The Association Agreement did not provide possibilities for integrating into the institutions, created for the creation of a new state”, - Portnikov noted.

Portnikov emphasized that the neighborhood model does not suit Russia. According to the journalist, the Russian Federation has a simple goal – to be neighbors with the European Union at the expense of the elimination of the states that are at its borders.

According to Portnikov, Europe has no choice, it has to become Russia’s neighbor. But it will happen by including into the European Union the countries at the border with Russia.