19 January 2018, Friday, 16:32

Conversation failed


Anton Zhylko, an activist of the United Civil Party (UCP) who was detained on July 3 for a “preventive conversation”, was sentenced to a term in custody.

The news came from human rights activist Anastasia Loika.

According to her, the charges and the term in custody for Zhylko (in the photograph) are unknown. “I think it is article 17.1 (disorderly conduct). He was tried on July 4. It was a day off. They did not have the right to have a trial,” BelaPAN quotes the human rights defender.

Police officers visited Zhylko at home at 9:30 on July 3 and offered to go to a police station. They stressed they did not detain him, but invited to a preventive conversation with the public order chief of the Partyzanski district of Minsk. They refused to leave Anton's home, so he was unable to decline the “invitation”. Zhylko was taken to Minsk's Partyzanski district police department. The UCP regarded the incident as a preventive detention due to the official celebration of Independence Day on July 3. It became known on July 4 that Aleh Korban, the leader of the pubic association Alternative, and activist Uladzislau Siarheyeu, who were detained on July 2, were sentenced to 10 days in custody by Minsk's Partyzanski district court.