18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:50

Lukashenka’s economy ate away almost $1 bn in one month


The gold and currency reserve of Belarus not including the bridge loan of the VTB have shrunk by $967 mln.

The gold and currency reserve of Belarus according to the methodology of the International Monetary Fund, have grown by $1 bn 33.3 mln over June, and according to the preliminary information, as of July 1 is equal to $6 bn 426 mln in equivalent.

Charter97.org has been told about that by the press-service of the National Bank of Belarus.

The volume of the gold and currency reserve in national determination has grown by $1 bn 81.3 mln and as of July 1 is $7 bn 169.6 mln.

However there is no subject of rejoicing. The gold and currency reserve has grown thanks to the short-term bridge loan of $2 bn from the Russian VTB bank. It was given in the end of June. It means that in just one month, without considering the loan, the Belarusian economy has eaten away almost one billion of its gold and currency reserve.