20 January 2018, Saturday, 16:05

Diesel fuel and petrol prices go up in Belarus


Diesel fuel will cost 10,300 Belarusian rubles, AI-92 and AI-95 petrol will cost 9,300 and 10,000 rubles respectively from July 8.

Charter97.org has learnt it from Belneftekhim company.

Normal-80 unleaded petrol and AI-80-K3 (AI-80-K4, AI-80-K5) unleaded petrol will cost 8,400 rubles per litre; AI-92-K3 petrol will cost 9,100 rubles; AI-92-K5 and AI-92-K5-Euro – 9,300 rubles; AI-95-K5 and AI-95-K5-Euro – 10,000 rubles; diesel fuel DT-L-K4 grade C and diesel fuel DT-3-K5 grade F – 10,300 rubles; diesel fuel DT-3-K5 class 2 – 11,600 rubles.

The prices were increased by an average of 5%.

“The prices were reviewed to partially compensate for the negative effect of the fluctuations of the Belarusian ruble's exchange rate against foreign currencies and to gradually bring the prices of oil products in the Republic Belarus and the Russian Federation to the same level,” the company says.

The latest increase in fuel prices in Belarus was at the end of 2013. Belneftekhim rose prices by an average of 2%.