21 January 2019, Monday, 13:44
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Anatol Shumchanka: Entrepreneurs must unite before danger


A new forum of entrepreneurs will take place in September.

The chairman of the republic public association Perspective Anatol Shumchanka announced that in an open address to the individual entrepreneurs of Belarus, which he sent to charter97.org’s editorial board.

The address starts with announcing that the organization will hold another forum in September.

“We all must be together and voice our problems. We must not be silent about them. Signatures should be brought to the forum that we put under the resolution of the previous event on 30 June”, - Shumchanka points out.

The author of the text emphasizes that “the organization has a strategy – this remains the defense of the interests of entrepreneurs, but individual entrepreneurs must understand that the level of success depends on their activity and the desire to fight”.

“Many do not fully comprehend the degree of danger their business is in. And some simply hope that everything will be revoked. The Perspective has always prevented and will prevent such dangers. If someone forgot, it was precisely due to our actions that the certificates were not introduced for individual entrepreneurs for almost two years, while we had defended accompanying documents back in 2008 thanks to the March of Entrepreneurs, which had been organized by the organization’s activists”, - one of the leaders of the entrepreneurs movement states.

According to Shumchanka, the situation is different today and it requires different approaches to solving complicated issues.

“But we can only solve them together, if we stand one for another. Unity and solidarity at the local level – this is the recipe for solving the current business problems. Where we have that, there will be less temptation for the government to arrange total inspections. We must be sure of our capabilities and not wait for someone to come and resolve our problems.

The activists of the entrepreneurs movement must not divide people along the lines whether someone supported or did not support the strike. This is the path of division and discord, which benefits out ill-wishers. I know that before real danger entrepreneurs of Belarus unite very fast, it is just it is not yet the time for it”, - he is convinced.

In the opinion of the organization’s chairman, the authorities must see that the reason for the discontent is not in the calls from some non-existing “columns”, but in the real discontent of simple entrepreneurs about the laws adopted.

“It is precisely what will force the officials to reconsider their views on the problematic issues of small businesses. The Perspective has always been, is, and always will be together with entrepreneurs and will not betray their views and expectations”, - Anatol Shumchanka claimed.

We would remind on 1 July entrepreneurs went on strike all around Belarus. At marketplaces and trading centers individual entrepreneurs stopped working due to the impossibility to meet the requirements of Lukashenka’s decree no. 222. However, some of them did not support the strike.