21 January 2018, Sunday, 19:58

Hunger striker Rubtsou charged for jail meals

Activist from Homel Yury Rubtsou, who was on hunger strike in a detention centre in Minsk, has has been charged for jail meals.

Activist Yury Rubtsou, who was on hunger strike during a 25-day of detention, has been charged 1,650,000 rubles for meals, Viasna human rights centre writes. Rubtsou filed a complaint to Minsk's Maskouski district court.

“I declare that on my first day in jail, I sent an application to the jail chief announcing that I went on hunger strike. I did not take any food until the end of the jail term, so I regard the charge for meals as mockery by police officers,” the Homel resident said.

Rubtsou also wants the police to return him a T-shirt with the text “Lukashenka go away” and “Arrest me. I'm against Lukashenka”.

“I was detained in Minsk's Savetski district on April 26. Police officers forcefully undressed me and took off my T-shirt off with phrases of a political character. It was confiscated without any documents necessary for the procedure,” he said.

Yury Rubtsou was detained on April 26 during Chernobyl Way rally. He was taken to a court without his T-shirt on April 28. He was sentenced to 25 days in custody.