23 January 2018, Tuesday, 13:04

Lukashenka's look-alike: I feel uncomfortable when people point at me


A look-alike of the Belarusian dictator was seen on a bus in Minsk.

A man looking like the Belarusian ruler was noticed by blogger MinskBlog.

“We know that many world leaders, especially dictators, employed look-alikes,” he wrote. “Many ask if Lukashenka has them. Yes, he has! At least one. However, he doesn't work for the so called president of Belarus. He is a construction worker living in Minsk's district Uruchcha. He uses public transport daily to commute to work.”

Aliaksandr (what a coincidence!) refused to tell more in the interview. He just said he was “tired of constant jokes and jeers over his resemblance with Lukashenka”. He complains he sometimes feels uncomfortable when people point at him.

“If Aliaksandr were more audacious, he would have a successful career of Lukashenka's decoy or at least play in films,” the blogger writes.