23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:02

Raman Yakauleuski: Lukashenka wants to earn on Russia's loss of Ukrainian military-industrial complex


Moscow looks for an opportunity to compensate for the damage of losing the Ukrainian military-industrial complex.

Political observer Raman Yakauleuski said it in an interview with charter97.org.

– The traditional international military technology expo MILEX 2014 opened in Minsk. Representatives of more than 40 countries are expected to visit it. A Russian delegation headed by deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin will arrive. What can interest him at the exhibition, in your opinion?

– Rogozin's visit to Minsk is logical, because he is responsible for the defence sector of Russian industry. There is a bilateral programme of the so called joint defence order. Rogozin controls it in Russia and, as far as I know, head of the State Military and Industrial Committee Hurulou controls it in Belarus. So, most products at the expo are the result of the joint cooperation between Belarus and Russia. We also know, and Rogozin stressed it repeatedly, that Russia plans to buy Belarusian defence enterprises, in particular Peleng plant. I think the expo will show the current state of the bilateral relations on the issue.

– Will the “space-oriented” deputy PM discuss only Belarusian-Russian relations? We know that Ukraine stopped military cooperation with Russia.

– It's obvious that we cannot work normally without Ukraine. It cannot but draw attention that certain companies of the Ukrainian defence sector, in particular Kharkov-based plants, take part in the exhibition. The media are actively discussing whether Belarus will compensate to a certain extent for Russia's losses after the breach of military cooperation with Ukraine. It is unofficially reported that Ukrainian defence specialists and their families can move to Belarus. I think Rogozin will discuss this topic as well. Russia is interested in it and ready to pay for it. As for Belarus, it will skim the cream off. It will cost Belarus nothing if families of Ukrainian specialists arrive.

– Lukashenka has recently visited a number of defence enterprises and gave tasks to produce our own S-300 missile systems not worse than Russian systems. Is it real?

– It's worth noting that some Belarusian media already published opinions of observers on the issue with the clear aim to say it is possible. Independent experts, also Russian ones, ask, for their part, if those who say it is possible to produce Belarusian missile systems have ever visited Belarusian plants. Such articles resemble advertising brochures. It is absolutely not clear how Belarusian plants will make missiles, which are now produced at Ukraine's Yuzhmash. Belarus does not have specialists, necessary components and parts and production lines. Is it really possible to make missile bodies from necessary alloys at the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant in Zhlobin? But Belarusian spin doctors do not speak about it. All talks about opportunities to buy something cheap in the world market have no real grounds. Nobody will ever allow Belarus to enter the market, also due to lack of financial resources.