17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:01

Belarusian ultras to Ukrainians: Hold on, friends, you are not alone (Video)


Here is a selection of photo and video materials from rallies in support of Ukraine by football Belarusian fans.

Rallies were held at various times and on various occasions, however, they have been gathered on the website of Belarusian ultras Belultras.by.

“It should be understood that each action like this involves high risk. Law-enforcers are keeping a close eye on such things, and they try to nip in the bud any rallies of solidarity with the Ukrainian nation. Many participants of such rallies were sentenced to several says in detention facilities. But in spite of such harsh measures taken by the authorities, Belarusian football fans have hold rather many rallies to voice their point of view and pass words of support to Ukrainians,” football fans remind.

The second and the most widely-known rally was held by fans of BATE football club. After this rally its two participants were imprisoned for several days; decrees of the court were drawn up against the rest of its participants. All major Belarusian and Ukrainian mass media informed about this protest. A great wave of solidarity from Ukraine took place.

Graffiti of Minsk football club fans.

Graffiti by fans of Dinamo Minsk, which was painted over by workers of community services on the next morning.

Fans of the national team of Belarus and Dinamo Minsk during a fan tournament “Eurofan” in Lviv.

The national team of Belarus during the awarding ceremony.

Fans of Karpaty with a banner presented by Belarusians at Russia-Belgium game in Brasil.

Friendship of Belarusian and Ukrainian fans.

Graffiti which has been made together.

Fans of Volna from Pinsk sing a hit “Warriors of light”