19 January 2018, Friday, 6:32

Brest dweller bit policeman


The court of Leninski district of Brest has sentenced a 34-year-old dweller of the city, who resisted policemen, to one year in a penal colony.

On May 9 during the celebratory gunfire in Brest Fortress, a man decided to have a bath. When he went towards the bypass canal of the Bug River, he fell into water, and later he lay on the beach. The man was drunk. As said by him at court, he celebrated the Victory Day with his sister and her husband in the afternoon, “Brestskaya Gazeta” writes.

The drunken swimmer was noticed by a policeman, who was policing near the river on that day. The policeman went to the violator and asked him to climb to the pavement. However, first the man ignored the requests and then suddenly leapt upon and started to wave with his fists. He knocked down the policemen on the ground.

Another policeman ran up to the scene to help. However the rebel resisted, and managed to bite him.

The defendant partially plead guilty at court, he said he was heavily drunk and his eyesight is poor. The man has criminal records for analogous crimes.

“Under the Article 363 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (Resistance to a policeman or other person defending public order), the court sentenced him to 2 years of deprivation of freedom in a maximum security penal colony,” Alyaksandr Bogush, a senior assistant of Brest prosecutor, legal expert of the 2nd class, said.

However, the term of deprivation of freedom was reduced by half due to the amnesty law adopted in connection with the 70th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.