17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:03

Rebel professors driven out of EHU


The administration of European Humanities University has published the order on the appointment of teachers, who passed the “internal selection”.

By the decision of university president Anatol Mikhailau, the HEI is no longer interested in continuing cooperation with five members of the Council of the EHU trade union ‘EHUnion’, including the chairman of the union and senator Aliaksiej Kryvalap, his deputy Kanstancin Tkachou, a member of the trade union Council and a senator Andrej Ralenka. Labour contract will not be prolonged with other senators too – the deputy chairwoman of the Council Volha Shparaha, the Council secretary and trade union Council member Andrej Lavarukhin, a senator Maksim Zhbankou. The chairman of the Senate Paviel Cierashkovich was fired with no reasons explained back in February, Radio Svaboda reports.

The teachers reckon, they have been fired for political reasons.

“EHU completely destroys the sprouts of internal democracy and has all the grounds to return to Minsk already today, because it is no longer different from an average Belarusian HEI”, - Kanstancin Tkachou says in a press-release, issued today.