21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:05

Lukashenka wants to withdraw unbuilt land plots allocated for construction


Lukashenka gave instructions to bolster efforts to withdraw land plots that were allocated for construction but were never used for this purpose.

The dictator set this task today during a working trip to the Minsk region, BelTA reports.

The issue of land plots that were allocated for construction should be studied, he stresses. The plots of land that were not used for the established purposes must be withdrawn, according to the dictator. “We must withdraw the land plots that were provided for construction, but still stay empty,” Lukashenka ordered.

Siamion Shapira, the chair of the Minsk regional executive committee, says construction works are usually supposed to be completed within three years after a plot of land was acquired. “Under agreements, it take three years, as a rule. But there are agreements for four or five years,” Shapira added.

“The problem should be studied. Everything must be set in order,” Lukashenka said.