17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:03

Lukashenka sent his aide to discharge Minsk Tractor Plant


Fiodar Damatsenka was appointed director of Minsk tractor plant.

The press-service of Lukashenka has informed about this personnel decision, as well as about several others.

Fiodar Damatsenka (Fiodor Domotenko) was born in 1957. Since 1983 his business activities were connected to the Belarusian Automible Plant, where he rose through the ranks from an electronics engineer to the first deputy executive director on technical issues and development, a chief engineer of BelAZ Production Association. Since 2010 Fiodar Damatsenka was appointed chairman of Maladzechna district executive committee. Since February last year the official was in the position of the presidential aide, the chief inspector on Minsk.

Besides, the ruler has approved a number of appointments of members of local vertical of power.