17 January 2018, Wednesday, 22:41

Barysau residents complain about heat in buses


Activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party collect signatures against using heating systems in buses in summer.

Why heat a bus in summer when the temperature outside is 30-33ºC?

Heating systems in buses in Barysau work at full capacity despite the unusually hot weather of the last weeks.

Charter97.org has learnt it from the BCD press service.

“They turn on the heating system to cool the engine. Drivers has to do so, because due poor maintenance the only way to cool the engine is to use the heating system. It's like a sauna inside the bus. The temperature reaches 50ºC. A ride on a bus turns into a torture for passengers. Drivers and ticket inspectors have to work in these severe conditions. It is the problem for many towns, not only for Barysau. A bus driver from Minsk had heatstroke last week and lose control of the bus,” the BCD press service says.

Aliaksei Prakudovich, a resident of Barysau, wrote to the Barysau bus garage, a prosecutor's office and Minoblavtotrans company. He received formal replies.

“I am still indignant over the conditions in public transport in Barysau. It's disgusting that heads of medical, law-enforcement and transport agencies have not reacted to my appeal for 12 months. Nothing has been improved. Sick or old people cannot use a bus. It is a crime and absurdity that heating systems work when the weather is hot. This particular example shows how the state administration system in general works in the country. It seems to be idiotic and indifferent to people,” he said.