23 January 2018, Tuesday, 19:14

Ales Makajeu walks free

A civic activist Ales Makajeu has been released after a 15-day arrest.

This comes from the Facebook page of a European Belarus civic campaign’s activist Julia Sciapanava.

For what charter97.org learnt, 40 people came to meet Makajeu from jail, some of whom were holding a flag of Ukraine. As a result, riot police and a police van came to the building of the jail in Akrescina Street.

We would remind that one of the leaders of the entrepreneurs’ movement Ales Makajeu was detained on 27 July close to the Red Church in Minsk after a prayer for political prisoners. On the occasion of the Belarus Independence Day we brought a national white-red-white flag, but after the event he got detained as he was walking to his car.