19 January 2018, Friday, 8:54

Cargo of Russian convoy to be reloaded onto Red Cross vehicles on Ukrainian border


None humanitarian columns have not received the right to enter Ukraine.

None humanitarian have been certified and have not received the right to enter Ukraine. This statement was made at a briefing by Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council, Ukrainskaya Pravda reports.

He demonstrated a video showing Russian military trucks being painted white. Lysenko emphasised that the trucks belonged to the military. According to international law, a humanitarian column should not have any military escort.

Lysenko stressed that the route of the humanitarian column was not approved yet. The Red Cross specialists are expected to approve it within a week and evaluate the particular needs of people in the eastern region.

“The humanitarian mission will be undertaken only after the evaluation,” he said. “Any uncertified column will not enter Ukraine.”

Lysenko said the Ukrainian authorities would decide where the column would cross the border. The column should use the checkpoint controlled by Ukrainian border guards and be escorted by the Red Cross.

“It (the humanitarian aid) will not appear in Ukraine until a decision on the amount being sent, its destination and route is made,” Lysenko said.

Valeriy Chaly, a deputy head of the president's administration, said Russian trucks carrying humanitarian aid would not enter the territory of Ukraine. “We do not consider any movement of Russian convoys in Ukraine,” he emphasised.

He said Ukraine admits that the column, which is now on its way to the Ukrainian border, can be accepted on the border. “Customs procedures, customs clearance will take place in the transit zone. The Red Cross is responsible for it and will carry the humanitarian aid in the Ukrainian territory,” he said.

“The cargo will be reloaded onto the vehicles rented by the Red Cross. So, we will not allow Russia's Interior Ministry or other military bodies to escort the column in Ukraine,” he noted. “Everything will be controlled by Ukraine. We take responsibility for the transportation of humanitarian aid.”

Chaly noted any other unsanctioned moves into Ukraine would be considered to be an act of aggression.