18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:34

Total lawlessness in Homel: Authorities give garage parcel of land to a supermarket


Garages are to be moved to the edge of the town, and car owners are simply presented with the accomplished fact.

In Homel authorities offer the land of the garage consumer co-operative #41 for construction of another hypermarket of “Tabak-Invest” network without any discussion with the garages’ owners. The editorial office of charter97.org website has been informed about that by a representative of the group of Homel car owners, who had been affected by such a harsh decision of the authorities.

“The fight for our garages which are situated in a sweet spot of the city, the crossing of Savetskaya and Yafremau Street, has been going on for about a year. “Tabak-Invest” limited liability company, the owner of major trade outlets (for instance, “Korona” hypermarket), has started construction of another hypermarket on this territory. A two-storeyed residential house has been demolished already, and our garage consumer co-operative has been surrounded by a professional wood deck. We have won two courts already, but the city executive committee does not give up. It seems to me that the officials of the city executive committee are concerned by the matter in the same way as the investor itself. Now a notice is placed on the garages. It reads that the land lot of the garage consumer co-operative #41 had been seized from the garage consumer co-operative by a decision of the city executive committee dated by April 14, 2014. It was turned over to “Tabak-Invest”. The real estate developer will “mercifully” cover costs of moving the garages to the new place, where no investor has set foot yet.

So what are the grounds for offering our land for building-up? What is a ground of the decision by the city executive committee? Or are they tsars and gods, who can simply give a lot of land to a person who looks wealthy, or maybe even reward amply?!” car owners are puzzled.

The car owners are offered a lot of land for garages in Vitsebskaya Street, on the skirts of the town. Public transport travels there rarely, and owners do not need their garages there.