17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:05

New flood in Minsk: Central Minsk under water


A heavy shower has flooded the capital of Belarus.

It is reported by visitors of charter97.org, as well as Minsk dwellers in social networks.

According to the reports of city dwellers, not only the area of Nyamiha and Victory Square were under water, but also dormitory districts: Uruchcha, the area of Surhanau Street. “Independence Avenue turned into a river, water was pouring out from sanitary sewer manholes,” our readers informed.

The traffic in some streets was paralyzed because of the shower.

According to the reports of the Hydrometeorological Centre, today Belarus remains under influence of atmospheric fronts, moving from the territory of Poland. Intermittent rain, thunder storms are expected in many parts of the country, heavy showers could happen in some places, there could be hail in some places. South low and medium wind is expected. Gusts up to 15-20 metres per second are to take place during the storm.

The maximum air temperature is to fluctuate between +20 in the West to +32 in the East of the country.