19 January 2018, Friday, 8:50

No children's allowance if parents go abroad?


Officials check if parents of many children, who apply for back-to-school allowances, have visas in their passports.

Charter97.org received a letter from a reader, who describes an absurd situation of government grants for families with many children. The situation, in his view, is worth calling a Belarusian paradox.

“Families with many children have the right to receive allowance to buy what children need for school. It seems to be easy. One just needs to collect salary certificates and a certificate of a family with many children. A woman with the required documents comes and spends much time in the queues, but an official asks her to show her passport. The first thing officials look for in the passport is, you'll never guess, visas to foreign countries. In our case, the woman had a visa to Europe and some border crossing stamps. As a result, officials refused to pay the allowance (a small sum of 300,000 per child) to the mother of many children in accordance with a secret document for official use that forbids to give allowances to such parents.

That's how the 'state for people' works. I wonder who of the officials proposed to use it. Is a visa considered to be a symbol of well-being or 'unreliability'? People understand everything. No one will defend these leeches when the time comes,” the angry reader writes.