23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:12

“Council of Republic” holds session behind the closed doors


The name of the “senator” who could be imprisoned, is still concealed.

The extraordinary session of the “council of republic” on the issue of lifting immunity of one of the upper chamber members is held on August 14 behind the closed doors, BelaPAN informs.

We remind that decree #409 on calling an extraordinary session for considering the question of lifting immunity of one of the senators, was signed on August 11 by Lukashenka. However it is not revealed against whom the issue is intended.

The press-service of the “council of the republic” does not comment on the situation. It is still unknown whether the results of the extraordinary session are to be publicized.

According to the agency, representatives of the Investigation committee are taking part in the session.

On July 9 the press-service of the “council of the republic” informed about withdrawing immunity of the member of the standing committee of the upper chamber on economy, budget and finances Vitaly Kastahorau (Kostogorov). It was reported that his immunity was lifted under Article 47 of the Law “On Status of the deputy of the “chamber of representatives”, member of the “Council of republic” as of November 4, 1998 in connection with the materials received from law-enforcing agencies.

It is not explained who is the other member of the upper chamber of the legislative body of the country has been spotted committing an offense. There are 56 persons on the list of “senators” placed on the website of the “council of republic”. Among them one can see Vitaly Kastahorau, who had been deprived immunity, and, according to the information of the mass-media, was detained right during the session.