16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:43

Verkhovna Rada approves bills on sanctions and lustration


Ukraine's Prime Minister called the voting “historic”.

The Verkhovna Rada approved bill No. 4453a on imposing sanctions for supporting and financing terrorism in Ukraine at second reading by 244 votes.

In accordance with the bill, special economic and other restrictive measures will be used by Ukraine in relation to a foreign state, a foreign entity or an individual, and entities of non-residents. The law will not be applied to citizens of Ukraine.

Sanctions will be approved by the National Security and Defence Council and imposed by a presidential decree except for the sanctions relating international agreements, which will be approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

PM Arseniy Yatseniuk said presenting the bill at second reading that it had been improved. Some disputable provisions, such as restrictions on mail, termination of TV broadcasts and closing down media, were removed from the bill.

Ukrainian MPs approved bill No. 4359a “On Purging” at first reading by a majority vote. The approval needed 226 votes, but 252 MPs voted in favour.

In accordance with the explanatory note to the bill, it allows carrying out checks to decide whether citizens can hold government posts.