23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:04

Beltelecom refused to give reasons of blocking


The administration of the national communications service provider decided to take refuge in silence.

Since yesterday evening the editorial office of charter97.org tried to obtain a comment of “Beltelecom” representatives ( about the reasons of our website’s blocking ). The press-service of “Beltelecom”, the national telecom company in Belarus, promised to receive answers from the company's management team, and revealed the opinion of the top management in the afternoon.

“Beltelecom does not comment on this situation,” the press-service finally said.

The Communications Ministry, the Operations and Analysis Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus, the KGB, the Office of Prosecutor General, the National Centre of Traffic Exchange and the State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications sent the journalist to Beltelecom unitary enterprise, which is directly responsible for blocking access to the website.

A simple check with the help of “traceroute” showed the point of blocking – the of the state data-communication network gateway of BelPAK (the subdivision of Beltelecom).

The technical support of the website tried to add new IP-addressed for domains of the website and partially recovered access from Belarus, however according to our statistics, the number of Belarusian viewers went down to minimal figures. The majority of Belarusians get to the website through a proxy.

Yesterday the press-service of Beltelecom informed about maintenance and adjustment works on updating “Absolute” hardware system. It is a billing system, which among other things allows collecting and aggregating of IP-traffic, as well as interacts with SORM. In other words, the Belarusian authorities are using more and more elaborated technological methods of stifling of the freedom, and the largest Belarusian news source with more than 300,000 unique visitors daily hast fallen the first victim of this novelty.