16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:50

Lukashenka orders to grow melons and watermelons in Palesse


The dictator says he grew melons and watermelons in his garden.

Lukashenka suggest that governors of Belarus's southern regions turn attention to growing gourds due to climatic changes.

He said it today during his visit to the Skidelski agricultural company, BelTA reports. Lukashenka said he grew watermelons and melons in his garden this year. He claims his watermelons were tastier than those from Astrakhan.

“It turns out that we can grow watermelons. In Minsk! What to say about our southern regions. They won't have any problems [with growing] at all,” he thinks. “I checked it myself. It is possible to grow gourds here. Our scientists did a great job.”

“Let's grow melons and watermelons in Palesse region. We need to develop it,” he said. “Each governor should receive a watermelon [to taste] and make sure it is real.”