20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:15

Lukashenka strongly criticized special services for leak of conversation with Vovan


The dictator has received a report from the state secretary of the Security Council Alexander Mezhuev.

It was reported by the message of Lukashenka’ press-service.

The ruler demanded to step up efforts of the State Secretariat of the Security Council. “I have discussed the work of the State Secretariat of the Security Council once. But it does not mean that we have just uttered empty words, and no moves to improve and enhance the quality of work are to be made. It is already a mature structure, which exists for 20 years, it’s the time there should be more drastic forward movement, without any fear of making more progressive decisions, proposals and so on,” he said.

The ruler believes that in general the power bloc and law-enforcing bodies work satisfactorily. However Lukashenka said that he was alarmed by some issues of discipline, especially among the officer personnel and even the general officer personnel at the Defense Ministry. “There are enough such facts. You probably receive them. I want them to listen that I know that,” Lukashenka stressed.

The dictator criticized in harsh terms and expressed displeasure with the quality of work of the closed, so-called government call. “It’s no good when you speak to a leader of some state, and it’s impossible to speak calmly. That’s why I have a number of claims to this domain,” Lukashenka noted.

He also discussed some other relevant issues. In particular, the ruler expressed a special interest in the situation at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. “Belarusian border guards should act in a way that would prevent any justified complaints from the Ukrainian side. We promised to them even before the presidential election that we will act decently with regard to Ukraine and we continue doing so. Neither Russia nor anyone else has asked us to raise tensions at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border and we don't need these tensions. I would like to hear your report regarding the situation over there taking into account my instructions. We don't hide the fact that we certainly keep an eye on the border due to the events going on over there,” he said.

We remind that two months ago a well-known Russian prankster Vovan played a prank on Lukashenka. He called the dictator and presented himself as a son of the fugitive president of Ukraine, asked whether he could come from Russia to Belarus. In response Lukashenka invited Viktor Yanukovych to our country. On the next day the conversation was uploaded on the web. However, the prankster stated that the recording of the conversation had not been uploaded by him.