19 January 2018, Friday, 12:18

Executive gets fined for 750 thousand roubles for insulting worker


A worker of Orsha Electricity Networks has won a case in court, having sought for protection of dignity and honor.

A court proceeding took place last week. A lawyer Alena Barysava, who represents a social office of the ‘Tell the Truth!’ civic campaign, has told praca-by.info about its outcomes.

- When a worker of Orsha Electricity Networks, which is an affiliate branch of Viciebskenergo, Mikalaj Pranuza started defending his rights, started making written requests, seeking to find why ovetime payments were not duly paid, his immediate boss started to heavily insult him. She said she would make him die and make sure no one would remember him. In court there were many witnesses on the side of the executive, who characterized her in an exclusively positive way. But we had a witness, who confirmed that Mikalaj Pranuza underwent insults. In the end the court made a decision to satisfy the worker’s lawsuit and fire the executive for 750 thousand Belarusian roubles, - Alena Barysava told.

The lawyer also helped the worker to compose an appeal to the Commission on Industrial Disputes, in which he asks for salary recalculations. The thing is that workers of Orsha Electricity Networks at times have to work 13-16 hours a day. However, they do not get respective payment for their work. Multiple complaints to the administration and the state-run trade union brought no results.

The response from the Commission on Industrial Disputes is expected this week.