16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:32

Avakov: Semyon Semyonchenko wounded in battle for Ilovaisk


The commander of the volunteer battalion Donbas, Semyon Semyonchenko, was taken to hospital with fragmentation wounds.

Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's interior minister, wrote it on his Facebook page:

“Ilovaisk. The battle to liberate the town. Semyon Semyonchenko, the commander of the Donbas Battalion of the National Guard who has been on the frontline for the second day, received fragmentation wounds. The advanced attack group that was cleaning Ilovaisk of terrorists faced mortar fire. They withstood and did not stop the attack. One of our soldiers was killed, four were wounded, among them Semyon Semyonchenko. He has numerous fragmentation wounds. They were taken out of the combat zone to hospital. Nothing threatens the lives of those injured, according to preliminary information.

We are sending the reserve to help our guys. Keeping our fingers crossed! Glory to brave soldiers!”