21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:54

Law-enforcement agencies have eye on plots of land near Lahoisk

The authorities take plots of land in the Minsk region from ordinary people and allocate them among law-enforcement officers.

Charter97.org learnt it from a reader.

Siarhei Shakalau's young family and about ten more people have been waiting for five years to start constructing houses on the plots of lands they acquired earlier. In 2009, they applied to the Belaruchy rural executive committee asking to allocate plots of lands to construct and maintain houses. The executive committee accepted the applications. The applicants were later called to the executive committee and given land plots in the settlement of Sonechny (the village of Markaushchyna, the Belarychy rural council of the Lahoisk district). They received instructions to execute land using documents and singed agreements with the design institute Belgiprozem.

It became known in October 2011 that the Belaruchy rural council violated the land allocation procedures and that the land was still owned by the previous owner (Minsk-based Krupskaya Poultry Factory). The land using service of the Minsk regional executive committee promised to solve the problem, but the issue has not been settled so far.

On May 16, 2012, the land using service of the Minsk regional executive committee said that the poultry factory wouldn't be disposed of land, because it was forbidden by Lukashenka's decree. Lukashenka banned to give people plots of arable lands to construct houses.

The deceived people learnt that the garden society Telepashnia of ONT TV channel employees was organised in the territory of arable lands near the village of Markaushchyna in 2012.

“Garden society Telepashnia consists of employees of ONT TV channel. But these plots of lands are allocated among officers of law-enforcement agencies: prosecutor's offices, the Emergency Ministry and the KGB. I have been in the queue to receive a plot of land for five years, but I cannot have it. I wrote Lukasenka's administration and the State Control Committee, but it was in vain. The chairman of the rural council says: 'Don't touch it, or you will have problems.' The authorities send formal replies and offer remote plots of land trying to calm people down. People were to receive the plots of land with gas, water and electricity, but they cannot do it, because high-ranking officials have an eye on them,” the reader thinks.

The land using service of the Minsk regional executive committee replied to the collective appeal of the deceived people. It writes that the plots of land near the village of Markaushchyna were classified as arable lands on September 13, 2011, so they cannot be allocated for construction.

The reader claims these lands have not been using for agricultural purposes since 2011 and are grown with wild grass. “They seem to be good only if you look at them from the road. It was done, perhaps, not to make angry the controlling agencies,” the reader writes.

Letters to the Lahoisk district executive committee, the Minsk regional executive committee, the State Control Committee and the Lukashenka administration don't bring any results, because officials give only formal replies instead of particular decisions.

“We are a young family with a kid. We don't have our own home. We'd like to know for sure what we can expect, whether they will give as this plot of land or not,” the reader asks.