21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:47

Utmost absurdity in Minsk


Andrei Sannikov comments on the meeting of the heads of the EU, Ukraine and the Customs Union member states in Minsk.

Andrei Sannikov, the leader of the civil campaign European Belarus and a candidate in the 2010 presidential election, wrote it on his Facebook page. Below is the full text of his post:

– A joke about a meeting of European leaders, the democratically elected president of Ukraine and the mad Kremlin aggressor in dictatorial Belarus becomes the reality.

Everything – Yalta, Munich, the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact – except for strengthening Ukraine's independence and democracy are planed in Minsk on August 26.

The very place of the meeting of Putin and Poroshenko with the EU as a mediator rules out a possibility of positive or even constructive results. The last dictatorship of Europe that ruthlessly jails people for solidarity with Ukraine and systematically forms the Russian military foothold to invade Ukraine and Europe is an ideal place to make behind-the-scene arrangements, legalise terrorists and approve business schemes, but not to support a European Ukraine.

The agenda for all participants of the meeting is transparent and clear.

Lukashenka enjoys his luck of a petty thief and plans to use everything of it.

Poroshenko hurries to use his legitimacy to establish relations with Putin. Why? Let Ukrainian experts explain that. Anyway, formal meeting with the aggressor means the recognition of the aggression, let alone the annexation of Crimea.

Outgoing Ashton will try to settle the relations between European business and Russian oligarchs.

Nazarbayev has a role of a background actor, but he will try to find economic benefits for him. Well, it's interesting to look at a bey as a background actor.

Putin will come as a winner. He did not even dream about such a gift from Ukraine and the EU. Does it mean Goebbels was right saying that a lie is the most effective way to get what you want? The lame idea of the convoy seems to work. All bought it and did not prevent sending armoured vehicles to Ukraine. He used this gift as he wanted, not openly, but secretly, as he was taught. His aim is the foothold in eastern Ukraine to continue the attack on Europe.

My forecasts: behind-the-scene arrangements on the federalisation of Ukraine as a condition of establishing normal trade relations, in other words, arrangements to surrender eastern Ukraine to move the “Russian world” further to Europe.

The sign the aim is reached: Russia lifts the embargo on European products after the meeting in Minsk.

However, I still believe in Ukraine, the wisdom of the Ukrainian people and ideals of Maidan.