17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:10

Russians want to buy shares of Baranavichy aviation plant


The ‘United Aviation Constructing Corporation’ (UACC) plans on becoming a shareholder of the 558th aviation repairs plant in Baranavichy.

The UACC promises to bring investments and orders on service maintenance of the jets of Russia’s air forces. This came from the regional director of the international cooperation department of the UACC Aleksey Korostelyov as he spoke on 15 August, Intex-press reports.

“The main task is the increase the enterprise’s workload. We plan on developing the manufacturing of components of aviation equipment there with serial runs in sight” – Korostelyov said.

To the Baranavichy aviation plant the Russians will pass on the works on service maintenance of the practice jet L-39, which is a part of Russia’s air defence forces, as well as the repairs of Indonesian Su-30.

Representatives of the UACC believe that such investments will give the Baranavichy enterprise a possibility to increase the output volume up to 151 million US dollars in 2015, and by 2025 to take this indicator to as high as 299 million dollars.

According to the chief engineer – first deputy director of the 558th Aviation repairs plant Andrej Tuchyn, it is yet unknown, on what conditions and how large a share the Russians will get. It is all yet at the stage of negotiations and discussions at the moment.

“We would like this to be put into practice, - Tuchyn explained. – If it all goes according to the plan, the output volumes will grow for we will be making parts for Russians, and they will order some repair works from us”, - Tuchyn said.

In Andrej Tuchyn’s opinion, Russian investments will allow the plant to increase the output volumes. For this they will have to increase the manufacturing capacities, which will lead to the creation of additional working places, introduction of new technologies at the enterprise.

The implementation of the project will cause to damage to the defense capability of Belarus, the aviation repairs plant’s chief engineer assured. According to him, Belarus’ defense orders will be given priority.

Photo: pilot.strizhi.info