23 January 2018, Tuesday, 2:58

“Ice Challenge” againt Ladutska and Solodukha launched by Minsk dweller


A popular flash-mob has got to Belarus.

A Minsk dweller Anton Baltochka has dumped a bucket of ice cold water and offered a well-known musician Alyaksandr Saladukha (Solodukha), Minsk mayor Mikalai Ladutska (Nikolay Ladutko) and the founder of the charitable auction of meetings “Mae Sens” Dzyanis Kandratovich (Denis Kondratovich) to do the same, or to send one million of Belarusian rubles as an aid to a 5-year-old girl, Eva Razvyankova, who had been diagnosed Alagille syndrome. She needs an operation.

“They have 24 hours for either to take up the challenge and dump water and challenge other people, or to transfer Br1 mln to a charitable fund in Belarus (I will be happy in case the money are forwarded to Eva Razvyankova). My friends have already joined the charity campaign, so I offer other good people to join it,” he stated.

The video recording of his participation in the social media campaign was posted by Anton Baltochka on his Facebook account.

The flashmob is called Ice Bucket Challenge, it was launched on the web in order to raise money for research of the issues related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). According to the rules, if you had been challenged, within 24 hours you should either dump a bucket of cold water on your head and post the video of the process, or donate 100 dollars for charity organisation related to ALS treatment or research. However, many celebrities have done the both.

In this way about $15 mln have been collected already, and the social media campaign has become viral. Actors, singers, TV stars, famous sportsmen and other celebrities have taken part in it.