20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:51

Stadium announcer from Baranavichy: “Long live Belarus!” (Video)


A sports announcer from Baranavichy Uladzimir Majsiuk was fired for criticism of the stadium.

In Baranavichy the commentator of football matches Uladzimir Majsiuk was suspended from work, after his opinion about the bad condition of the stadium were published in the media. Majsiuk compared “Lokomotiv” stadium with a field of a collective farm.

For more than 20 years he had been working in Baranavichy at football matches, Radio Svaboda informs. The man does not regret his dismissal.

“I had a little salary, I was not earning much here. It was my hobby. I have lost a little, but it’s alright, I will survive! A professional should work here on the stadium, a man who loves sport and knows sport. We will survive. Long live Belarus!” he said.