21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:44

Prison not over for Autukhovich


The prosecutor of Vaukavysk district has not found any violations in the police ban for the former political prisoner to travel to Minsk for medical treatment.

In this connection Mikalai Autukhovich has prepared a complaint addressed to the Prosecutor General of Hrodna region, Viasna human rights centre’s website informs.

In response to the complaint against the actions of policemen from Vaukavysk police department, the district prosecutor Henadz Blahun said: “… a person under preventive supervision is prohibited to change the place of residence. This procedure is carried out after the fact. As for leaving the borders of the district for personal reasons, including treatment, approval of the internal affairs bodies is needed for that. The laws of Belarus do not contain a norm which bounds an internal affairs body prove such a voyage when there are any grounds for it. And it means that an approval of such a trip is a right, not an obligation of an internal affairs body.”

In his appeal Mikalai Autukhovich stated that he finds the ban of policemen unjustified, and violating his rights, envisaged both by the laws on internal affairs bodies and laws on health care.

Challenging the answer of Prosecutor Blahun, he insists that the reasons for denial in a permission to leave the city could be only grounded reasons that the trip is done for unlawful purposes or with the aim to carry out supervision over his behavior, prevention of crimes and exerting preventive influence on him impossible or difficult.

“In order to make a legal evaluation of Vaukavysk policemen’s actions, one should also bear in mind that right after the abovementioned denial I was allowed to go to Minsk for temporary residence just so, without giving any reasons for that by me. It means that my going to Minsk as such posed no danger for the interests of the state and society protected by the law,” the appeal to the prosecutor of Hrodna region reads.

At the same time, Mikalai Autukhovich stresses that the conclusion made by the district prosecutor about the validity of actions of Vaukavysk police department had been made without considering the reasons written in his complaint. “The prosecutor has come to a wrong conclusion that as long as sanctioning leaving the city is a right of a police department, they can use it arbitrarily, at their own convenience,” he writes, demanding to make a check and take measures by the prosecutor.

We remind that by a ruling of Leninski district court of Hrodna, Mikalai Autukhovich was put under a preventive supervision for one year and 4 months, with all its restrictions. He can go outside the city, the district for personal and business reasons only with consent of an internal affairs body which is carrying out the preventive supervision.

Photo by Belsat