16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:23

Lech Walesa: Ukraine will win, Putin stands no chance


Vladimir Putin has no chances to win in the war which he had been fighting since April this year in eastern Ukraine.

It has been stated by the first president of Poland after the overturn of the Communist regime, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, UNIAN Informs.

“It is impossible for Ukraine not to win. Ukraine must win and it will win. Putin has no chance,” he said commenting on the permanent flow of arms and militants to eastern Ukraine from Russia, which make the stand of separatists stronger amid nearly total absence of military assistance for Ukraine by western states.

Walesa called the victory of Ukrainians in this conflict a matter of time, expressing a hope that the Russian president would soon understand a necessity to stop this conflict. “Everything will boomerang to him (Putin). The question is how much we are going to lose in that,” he said, saying that the conflict is harmful both for Russia and Europe.

The former president and leader of “Solidarity”, the independent trade union which led to downfall of the Communist regime in Poland in 1989 and paved the way to market economy and democratic reform, has named a condition which is to allow to put an end to the conflict in Donbas (east Ukraine), “a solidarity support” of Ukraine by Western states: “We should act in a spirit of wise solidary actions. All should act in the same way. Let each fulfill one paragraph of the joint programme in order to stop Putin.”

As said by him, it would be better for the Western politicians to work in two directions: on the one hand, to prepare further economic sanctions against Russia, and on the other to try to persuade Putin to stop military operations in eastern Ukraine, as it is going damage for the both sides.